15 St Margaret’s Plain, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, IP4 2BB

The Key

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Why "The Key"?

For an answer perhaps we should go back to the early 1990's when the "Canes" night club first came on the market. The Bethesda Baptist Church at the time was considering a major development of its own and, indeed, plans had already been drawn up. So why was it that these were scrapped in favour of spending nearly half a million pounds on a run-down pub and nightclub complex, properties in a far worse state than any of its own buildings?

Could it have been that the Church had a deep concern for the people of Ipswich?

The Christian message is far too good to keep to yourself and the members were always looking for ways of communicating the good news of Jesus to the people of the town. People had been coming to the public house for centuries, so why not let this continue, and at the same time hopefully share the message that could change lives?

The new name given to the old pub incorporates the symbol of an ancient key, the top of which is shaped into a cross, the central theme of the Christian message. A key is used to unlock something and Christians believe Jesus is the 'Key' to life and death itself. Since sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, man has been alienated from God. As God is holy, He can therefore not look on sin.

In the Old Testament animals were sacrificed to atone for the sin of the people but this could only last a short time and had to be continually repeated. It needed a sinless person to die, ruling out the whole of mankind. Although God could not look on sin, He loved His creation and would use the only person who could deal with the problem. That person was His only son, Jesus.

Living on earth as one of us, Jesus, who was the only sinless one, was willing to die unjustly on a cross to take away the sin of the world. On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead and, for all those who believe in Him, He becomes their personal Saviour and friend. Be­cause Jesus was sinless, He takes the sin that should be on our shoulders, rendering us sinless in the sight of God. Now that's wonderful news, isn't it! And what a wonderful life Jesus offers to those who believe in Him!

Not a life of rules and regulations but a personal relationship with the living God. There is more. A promise that life will continue after death. Yes, for eternity. This is the message "The Key" hopefully communicates to all those who enter its doors.

Our symbol is not any old key, it is