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The Key

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The Listening Service

Do you just put on a brave face when really you need someone to turn to?

Are you good at putting on a brave face?  

Most of us are. We smile at people when they ask us how we are we say "Fine", "Great", "I’m O.K".

Do you have a secret face kept out of sight?

…. brooding on things that worry you or make you unhappy

…  relationships! … family! ...

…. troubled by things you don't understand about yourself?

Do you need someone to turn to?  

You may feel you don't need "in-depth" counselling, but,

maybe you do need someone who will help you focus and think about what's going on in your life.

.... someone who will be there for you.

.... someone who won't jump in with ill-thought advice.

.... someone who will listen in confidence to things you can't tell other people.  ??

The Listening Service can help you.

You can see someone trained to listen, trained to understand feelings

that maybe you have kept to yourself for a long time.


How you can find out more?

The Listening Service is based at The Key.

There is no charge .. no obligation .. no commitment .. Entirely confidential

The Listening Service is available Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 2pm.   



The Listening Service is provided by Bethesda Baptist Church, Ipswich. In common with other Christian organisations, our standpoint is that of Christian concern for the individual. We do not use sessions with clients to persuade them into Christian beliefs.